Future Faces of Fashion 

Stephens College School of Design 


Retro & Bold

Audrey Lockwood, 22, expresses her “edgy and kitsch” style through fashion designs that intentionally pull women apart from the crowd. “Designing clothing is my passion because there’s nothing more empowering than putting on an outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer” said Lockwood. “Fashion is how we illustrate our personalities and define ourselves. It is at the root of us, it’s our identity.” Lockwood is inspired by pop culture and films by directors Tarantino and Wes Anderson. Her mod sketches are influenced by stories with female heroines and fashion from 1900-2000. She spends countless hours in the lab perfecting her powerful clothing line, but always has the supportive company of her dog, Athena.

Creating an apron with her grandmother in high school led Lockwood to start a customized repurposed shorts business and pursue this dream that she became addicted to. Lockwood has now won the YMA fashion fund scholarship and studied at the London College of Fashion. Her professional goal is to find her niche designing for a creative company, and eventually open her own business.


Modern & Minimalistic

 Fey Chavez, 21, is the master of all things menswear. She gains inspiration from architecture and shapes around her to create modern and functional clothing lines for men. “My passion for drawing led me to fashion design, because it let me bring those ideas to life.” said Chavez. Her mood boards of green and blue earthy tones reveal a sneak peek of her Kansas City Fashion Week 2018 line.

As only a senior, Chavez has already had three internships in New York City for small designers and a corporate position with PVH. PVH owns brands such as Calvin Klein and is one of the biggest corporations in the fashion industry. After a competitive application process, Chavez earned a position in the menswear technical design department, and plans to return to the company after graduation in May 2018.


Delicate & Dignified

Tobie Roberts, 21, uses fashion as an outlet for influence and inclusion. Roberts is determined to create clothing for disabled men and women after seeing her mother and grandmother struggle with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that causes weakness in the legs and arms. In high school, Roberts started a non-profit called the Green Prom Movement Foundation. They create custom gowns from previously donated dresses to make prom more accessible for lower-income families.    

Roberts developed a collection of bridal gowns which she titled, “Breathe.” It is inspired by the quote, “ That night when you kissed me, I left a poem in your mouth, and you can hear some of the lines every time you breathe out.”  Each dress is uniquely designed with the woman in mind. Roberts learned the art of hand beading, feather work and pleating at the Couture Master Class in conjunction with Le Marie, one of Chanel's altiers, during her month spend studying in Paris. Madison Lawson, also known as “Wheelchair Barbie” is one of the models for this collection. Roberts refuses to let Lawson’s spinal muscular atrophy come between her and a stunning gown.


Simple & Clean 

Madeline Buasri, 20, started drawing sketches in 4th grade and has immersed herself in the fashion industry ever since. During high school she worked as a model in Kansas City to learn the behind-the-scenes of fashion and meet designers. Her most recent dress design, featured in the photo, is based on the idea of white sands and relaxation. She finds inspiration in the flow of the ocean, and the glow of sunshine and tanned skin. Buasri aims for her garments to completely change how a woman feels about herself. She hopes to empower women through her designs and own a small boutique in Florida.  

“My biggest success is actually going to school and pursuing my dream, because I am the first of my family to do that” said Buasri. The competitive atmosphere of Stephens College pushes Buasri and gives her an outlet to constantly create.


Feminine & Chic

Samantha Knaust, 19, has a love for the creation of garments that express a distinct ambiance and mood. She is inspired by the different colors, shapes and textures of the natural world. “To design is to create a beautiful piece of art in which anyone can express their personality” said Knaust. With her mom frequently sewing as she grew up, Knaust became interested in the process. The two of them teamed up to create her first homecoming dress.

Knaust dreams of opening a boutique with custom bridal wear and evening gowns, or starting a small shop with children’s clothing.


Funky & Forward 

Caroline Lester, 19, is always on the hunt for the next trend in the world of fashion. “I love being able to design because I can create whatever I want and break the rules” said Lester. Rather than take general education courses like math and science, freshman at Stephens College are able to jump start their design experience with sewing, drawing and textile classes. As a young designer, Lester is challenged with finding a way to stand out and differentiate herself. She believes that her creative way of viewing the world will be beneficial in creating new trends, like the return of the flared pants. Lester’s biggest inspiration is Coco Chanel and her timeless designs.