Surfing the Atlantic coast - sailing as the sun set over the Lisbon skyline - hiking to the vibrant and ornate Pena Palace

I had the opportunity to get a taste of Portuguese culture while working with Off The Grid travel. For 10 days we went phone free to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of exploring a new city. We ate far too many tapas and got lost in the neighborhoods of pastel colors and hand-painted tiles. I made a vow to try anything once so that meant eating sardines and chicken gizzards, but it also meant stopping to try every gelato flavor. 

I started this trip with 7 other strangers who were each going tech free for their own reasons. We spent the trip focusing on being present. The laughs and the memories were written in our journals, but not shared on our snapchat stories. I noticed it the most while waiting in line or sitting at a cafe. While my instinct was to scroll through instagram or snapchat, I would grab a local magazine or simply just watch the bustle of the city. I left this trip feeling refreshed, inspired and seriously obsessed with Portugal. 

I was absolutely in heaven being able to photograph these great times. Cheers to Off The Grid's inaugural trip and to all the places they will go!